What is Maso Margherita?

Maso Margherita is a typical old farmstead, a Maso, renewed as a holiday house: six apartments surrounded by the green fields of Almazzago, district of Commezzadura, with a beautiful view on Val di Sole.

In this environment you will find peace and tranquillity for a holiday in contact with Mother Nature.

At 1km away from the Maso, Daolasa Station is the starting point for sport lovers: skiing, snowboarding, biking or trekking. The cableway Daolasa Val Mastellina brings you up to 2045mt in only 15 minutes. From here you can enjoy 150km ski slopes, many walkings and trekkings or, why not, just relax in any of the mountain huts to taste our typical products.

Daolasa Station is also the train stop of our local Trento-Malè-Marilleva Railway and pit stop that one cannot miss without renting a bike and have fun in the bike park or take a ride on the cycle lane along our famous river Noce.

In the district Mestrigo, just after crossing the riverbridge, there is a rafting center, a minimarket, a bank, a post, a newsstand, our local tourist office , two restaurants/pizzeria and… a delicious pastry shop!

We would like you to live a holiday in freedom and serenity at your own rythm, feeling like adventure or silence… what matters, in any case, is love for yourself!


4-rooms apt. - La Cort

4-rooms apt. - I Brögli

3-rooms apt. - El Tablà

3-rooms apt. - La Stua

2-rooms apt. L'Ara

2-rooms apt. - La Spleuza