All seasons are good to stay out and do what we like most.

Val di Sole, the Sunvalley, offers many opportunities in its more touristic seasons, winter and summer.

On the other side autumn and spring are very good for those looking for silence, peace and tranquillity. Exactly for this reason Maso Margherita Apartments Yoga Outdoor promote and support that kind of holiday that want to be an experiences sharing, a mutual exchange and enrichment through that which are our passions.

Everything lived with the rythm that follows nature and respects the human being.

Exploring, walking and breathing finding that balance which is in each of us.

Walking Cycling Exploring

Our area can be visited in differtent ways: walking, cycling or using the lifts which are open in winter as well as in summertime.

Val di Sole is at the center of a green lung protected by two parks. The Stelvio National Park on the north and the Adamello Brenta Natural Park on the south. Hundreds of kilometers of paths for every level to discover and apreciate what nature offers us.

Con Roberto, il nostro Accompagnatore di Media Montagna, avrete l’occasione di conoscere storia, cultura, geografia e curiosità della natura protagonista della nostra valle.

Please find below some ideas; if you have any different ones, please tell them to us!

    From 1th to 30th September
    From 15th October to 15th November
    From to
    From 1st to 30th June
    Period upon agreement.

All suggestions above can be booked as “5 trekkings/week package” as well as “3 trekkings/week package”

The package has its price, not included in the rate of the apartment, and can be booked with a minimum of 2 paying people.

The trekkings are intended as half day trekking with the following timetable 9-13/10-14, but could be different, if requested.

The itinerary and destination can be planned with the participants depending on likes, skills and weather conditions.


Take a time for yourself and your wellbeing: through the practice of yoga you can feel better, as through the harmonisation of all your personality (body-mind-spirit), you can let go of everything useless and let your inner human potential to come out.

You can also combine yoga with a trekking package. In this case the practice can be tailor-made, either before, during or after the trekkings depending on which is your goal.

Stop, rest, breath and live.

Here are some yoga suggestions made by Sonia, Yoga Teacher graduated at the Bihar School of Yoga of Munger, India.

    Package of 2 yoga sessions of 90’.
    Package of 5 yoga sessions of 90’
    (from Monday to Friday).
    Learning some simple yoga practices to be integrated in the daily life.
    Min. 7 nights.
    From 01/05 to 23/06 & from 09/09 to 30/10.

All suggestions above have their price, not included in the rate of the apartment. 

A minimum number of people is NOT requested.

The practice will be outdoor, when possible, or in a dedicated space.



Per tutte le persone sinceramente interessate ad approfondire la conoscenza e la pratica di yoga, il Maso Margherita Apartments Yoga Outdoor propone dei periodi durante i quali si possono vivere delle esperienze secondo lo stile di vita yogico.

In questi periodi vengono organizzati seminari per principianti e di approfondimento che possono essere della durata di un weekend oppure di una settimana.

Programma Ritiri Yoga 2020

18-19-20 giugno

ossigena il corpo e vibra con la natura

Per principianti ed esperti.
Pratica di yoga quotidiana, sessioni di armonizzazione con campane tibetane armoniche, costellazioni familiari sistemiche e lavoro sull’albero genealogico attraverso le carte di Alba Sali.

Conducono Sonia Tevini e Marina Rigutti

21 giugno

Una giornata di pratica nella natura.

Per principianti ed esperti.

2020: 31 ottobre-2 novembre, dicembre
2021: aprile, maggio, giugno, luglio, agosto

purifica medita realizza.

Seminario di approfondimento.

Nordic Walking

Walking is good, walking good is better!

Nordic Walking is nothing else but a simple walk with poles. Their use helps you to propel along when planted behind. This engages the upper body and makes you feel lighter on your feet. Nordic Walking has grown into a popular way for people of all ages and fitness levels to gain fitness, tone-up, lose weight and improve their health.

However, in order to gain the maximum benefits from Nordic Walking it is essential that you learn the correct technique from a qualified Nordic Walking Instructor.

The dowside is that Nordic Walking can become a walking meditation or…yoga in movement, because the correct technique needs a high level of concentration and presence which gives as a result a good one-pontedness and a lighter mental state. Moreover Nordic Walking is an outdoor activity, so what is better than breathing good fresh air while getting fit, sharing with people and mustering the contact with nature?!


At Maso Margherita Apartments Yoga Outdoor we offer a basic course of 5 lessons from Monday to Friday from April to November, depending on snow conditions.

The offer is not included in the price of the apartment.

We privide poles, please bring suitable outfit and shoes from home.


A skiing area of 150km where the Brenta Dolomites, Unesco Heritage, host the most famous Snowpark in Italy.

For every age, beginners or advanced, lessons and renting with convenient prices at Yolo Snow Skull at the cable way Daolasa-Valmastellina, which is only 1km away from our apartments.

Enjoy the ride!



For all these experiences you can count on highly specialized people with long-term experience and knowledge of the territory.